XMiDT and its ecosystem is developed in the open. Here are some of the channels we use to communicate and contribute:

Issue Tracker

Use the GitHub issue tracker for the various XMiDT repositories to file bugs and features request. If you need support, please ask your questions to the discussion site rather than filing a GitHub issue.

Please do not ask individual project members for support. Use the channels above instead, where the whole community can help you and benefit from the solutions provided.


We welcome community contributions! Please see the file in the respective XMiDT repository for instructions on how to submit changes. If you are planning on making more elaborate or controversial changes, please discuss them on the discussion site before sending a pull request.


An important part of the community is discussing design proposals, pull requests, operational experiences and ideas for making the projects better. We have the discussion site to help us find and keep track of all the various topics.

This documentation is open-source. Please help improve it by filing issues or pull requests.