XMiDT has a few design requirements that both set it apart from other solutions as well as imposes several needs. Based on the needs enumerated below, the message envelope named WRP was defined. WRP is short for Web Routing Protocol since there are also a few semantics that go along with the envelope.

Must provide a mechanism for routing

At the core, the XMiDT

Span communication protocols

Data must consistently and easily span at least the following communication protocols:

  • websocket
  • http
  • socket

It needs to both span the protocols as well not require transformations.

The payload may not be altered

Even if the payload is binary, text, malformed JSON or invalid msgpack the payload must be delivered without alteration.

Fast, simple & expandable

However the requirements are met, they must be met in such a way as to enable simplicity, be fast and expandable for when new needs are discovered.

The resulting envelope is defined as a msgpack map with a number of required or optional parameters.

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